Too White's world

After years of experience in close contact with the most important brands in the Italian fashion scene, Too White is born.
The philosophy with which the group has grown and continues to grow is based on solid principles, on the constant commitment that every day its employees dedicate to their work, on the inexhaustible passion, on the continuous research and attention and care of children details.

The proposal is always original but with class, each line is created after careful analysis and research of the latest trends and each garment is the result of careful selection.

The clean taste together with the unique and characterizing detail, day after day, have captured the attention of customers and not only, given the growing demand of the brand outside the network already marketed.

To respond to new requests for distribution, the Toowhite group has been able to stand up to provide different types of projects, for customers who like to buy directly on the web, from the directional boutiques to the platform for resale to dealers.